Houston man blasted with cash!

What happens next? We’ll tell you what happened next. After Chad rented his apartment and named Apartment Jockey as his locator, Apartment Jockey showed up at his front door with a big surprise. A face full of bills! And yes, Chad got to keep them.
See, when Chad told the leasing agent at his new apartment that Apartment Jockey referred him, they paid Apartment Jockey a commission for sending them awesome new tenants. Obviously Apartment Jockey had to share the love, so we stuffed a cannon full of money and shot it at Chad as soon as he opened the door.

Can you get blasted with cash?

Yes! Next time you rent an apartment, tell them Apartment Jockey sent you. Write it on your guest card, lease agreement, and anywhere else that asks who helped you find the place. Fill out a claim on our website, and prepare for a fun surprise!

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Questions and Answers!

  • What? Is this for real?

    You bet it is!

  • Aw, c’mon, nothing’s free.

    It sure ain’t! But don’t worry, the apartment complex pays us for referring you to them.

  • So you’re just kicking back a chunk of your locator commission?

    Yep. A chunk that the landlord would otherwise keep.

  • I gotta find out more!

So many rewards!

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