Frequently Asked Questions

Come on, nothing’s really free, is it?

Well, for you, yes! See, most apartment complexes pay a realtor’s commission as a matter of practice, intending for agents around town to direct renters their way. If you show up and rent from them without an agent, that commission they were willing to pay goes straight to their bottom line.

When Apartment Jockey is your agent, we’re paid the commission, which we use to purchase your gift (and pay some of our bills). But whereas other agents buy themselves a new toy with their commission, we buy you one.

My apartment complex isn’t on your site. Can I still get a gift?

Maybe. It might be a new property, or one that just came back on the market that we aren’t aware of, or one we just plain missed. It could be they weren’t offering commissions a week ago, and now they are. No matter where you wind up renting, name Apartment Jockey as your locator and let us know. We’ll find out what we can do for you.

Does Apartment Jockey operate outside of Houston?

Apartment Jockey is currently licensed within the entire State of Texas. We only list Houston properties because we can barely keep up with this town as it is, but the method works anywhere. If you’re interested in leasing in another town, give us a holler and we’ll find out what we can do for you.

What do I have to do to get my gift?

Basically, the apartment needs to know what we’re your agent, and we need to know that you rented an apartment. When you sign your lease agreement, there’s a line somewhere where you indicate your agent or locator. Write ‘Apartment Jockey’ on that line. Then claim your prize on the website, or just call us at 844-A-JOCKEY and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Can I get a gift by renting at any apartment complex?

For the most part, yes. But not all properties pay a commission. Some are just cheapskates, but some complexes tend to stay fully occupied and don’t need to incentivize agents. So they keep the money for themselves.

Apartment Jockey’s database stays pretty much up-to-date with commissions and availability, but sometimes things change overnight. Even if your complex doesn’t show up on our website, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

I want something that’s not on your Gifts page. Is that possible?

Sure, just opt for the cash and go buy it.

Do I get a gift when I renew my lease?

We wish you did. Sadly, apartments only pay a commission when we bring them a new tenant, not when they convince an existing one to stay.

I did everything you told me to and haven’t gotten my gift yet.

Okay, so this has actually never happened, but technically, it could, so we want to make you aware of it. Apartments are not legally obligated to pay us a commission unless we’ve specified a potential renter and they have told us yay or nay, in writing. A property could decide to stop paying commissions five minutes before you show up to sign your lease agreement, and since we probably haven’t gotten wind of their sudden stinginess, we haven’t updated our website. So the potential exists for none of us to get any love from them. In that case, the money isn’t there to buy your gift, and we both lose.

If you have any doubts, give us a holler and we’ll find out what we can do for you before you sign your lease.

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