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You MUST specify "Apartment Jockey" as your referring agent! Worried you'll forget? Attach our helpful referral form to your application.

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Apartment Jockey is your real estate agent

You want to rent an apartment. Some people like to have an agent show them around, but seriously, you can rent an apartment by yourself (buying a house by yourself is definitely not recommended). And you can get awesome stuff when you do it, if you use Apartment Jockey, the most renter-friendly apartment site on the planet.

Find an apartment online, easily

You can see pretty much every available unit at every available apartment complex in town. See the rates, the lease terms, the amenities, learn about the neighborhood, and go pay a visit. You don't need an agent to open a lock box like when you're buying a house–there's a leasing agent at the property to show you around. Just be sure to tell them you found the place on Apartment Jockey so we can give you your prize.

Get awesome rewards when you rent

Seriously, no strings attached. The rewards are simple commission rebates, not raffles or sales incentives. You don't sign anything with us. See, the apartment complex pays us a small commission for referring you to them, and we buy you something cool. Simple as that. The rewards you see on the website are the gifts available when you rent. You just need to be sure to tell them Apartment Jockey sent you. Name us as your agent/locator on your guest card and/or your lease. It may be helpful to print out this referral card and hand it to them when you visit. As long as they know we helped you, we get a commission, and you get a reward.

How to claim your gift

Once you sign, come to the site and claim your gift. We handle the rest. Every apartment works differently, but in most cases, we can deliver the gift by about the time you move in.


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