You keep the client.
We help them find an apartment.

Helping someone find an apartment probably isn’t your ideal work.
The drive-around time is the same as if they were buying a house, and the commissions aren’t even tempting. BUT...

Can you afford to turn them away?

Who will they call when they’re ready to buy a house? Who will they refer their friends and family to?

The agent that helped them find their apartment, of course!

When you refer your clients to Apartment Jockey, they can:

Browse over 1300 apartment complexes in Houston and the surrounding area.

Let our dynamic website with intuitive map searching help them locate their ideal apartment.

Mapped Neighborhood Search
See what rewards they will receive through our commission rebate program.

Rewards are automatically tied to commission rates, so they can browse in real time.

See the Rewards
Submit a reward claim online quickly and easily, citing you as their referral source.

Be sure they name Apartment Jockey as their locator/agent on their guest card and lease.

Try the claim form!

We handle the verification, invoicing, and deliver the rewards.

Then we maintain your relationship.


You get your own landing page on our website!

Make it a soft hand-off by sending your clients to your personalized page:

See a sample agent profile

Contact Us to learn more about our realtor referral program.